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silent city diffuse light on the scene, camera facing north ack! metered with dome, way overexposed!

inspiration pt  
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Treetop aspen 1/8 set, but sounded like 1/4 sec.ll

Gas pipe access rd, Nebo loop  
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pink cliffs, south side of the Paria overlook, Powell Point illuminated

Piracy point @ 7th turnout (big) =Farview point  
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silent city, whole canyon diffuse light on the scene, camera facing north metered 2 sec

inspiration pt  
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silent city in moonlight metered 8, shot 12

inspiration pt  
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Looking east,, sun and god beams

inspiration -t  
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silent city in dawn, no sun metered 1.5

inspiration pt  
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Arches section, gobblet-shaped, cup-shaped, sugar-bowl-shaped arches overcast, facing sun

Losee Canyon, Arches trail loop  
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lone peak, cliffs north of mexican mt

slope just above second gate on mexican mt rd  
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mexican mountain <i>full rise</i>

West Jackass benches south of mex mt (above Swasey's leap turnoff)  
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