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Photos taken at the Lusty Day in May activity, sponsored by the Shire of Western Keep, in the Principality of Northshield of the Middle Kingdom, the Brookings SCA organization. See the Exhibit for the best-of photos. See also 25May00.
Lord and Lady Heir of Northshield, Sir Tristan von Eisig and Lady Eilika von Lutzen
Oakwood Lake State park Bruce SD
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Awaiting combat.

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In purple and white is Baron Wulfgang von den Lowen, KSCA, CB.
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Awaiting a chance to fight are Master Tarik , Hagan, Josph, and Ulrick
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Protecting the Princess from wayward combatants. Or vice versa.

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Lady Eilika von Lutzen, witnessing a particularly effective strike
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His Excellency, Viscount Syr Master Tarrach Alfsson, KSCA, OL, fighting Arbon.
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