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Here are Sir Vaclav Semjaka (left in purple and gold) and his squire, Lord Faolan MacThighearnan, both of Lonely Tower.
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Bear-pit fighting in the privately sponsored Great Sword Tournament.

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Sir Semjaka and Baron Wulfgang von den Lowen of Castle Rouge.
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Hrothgar (left), and Lord Mathieu
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Jarl Sir Thjothrekr standing, Viscount Sir Ternon kneeling.
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Lady Asa Lufa from Mag Mor, and Jarl Thjothrekr Eirikrsson (Just-past King of Calontir).
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Baron Aleksandr Yaroslavovich Vyetchikov (in purple tunic) and Lord Mathieu Chartrain (right), both Lonely Tower fighters.
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Sir Semjaka, and Faolan, with Hrothgar the Smith, of the Barony of Forgotten Sea looking on.
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Asa vs. (if I am not mistaken) the Baron of Mag Mor, Brannac MacConn.
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