07Mar00      Wilson's Photography 

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Sunset during spring thaw, OLSP Tree in sunset afterglow, OLSP
Sunset afterglow through treetop, OLSP Moonrise, OLSP
Lamp, Lake Benton City Park, MN Carnegie Library, Pipestone MN
Civil War Soldier monument, Pipestone MN Church (made of Sioux quartzite) Dell Rapids SD
County Courthouse, Pipestone MN Frozen river, and car/snowmobile tracks, during the spring thaw, Dell Rapids SD
Switcher, North of Pipestone MN Wood and Stone, detail of barn, Dell Rapids SD
Tracks in field, West of Dell Rapids SD Shadow of R.R. crossing lights on abandoned building, Madison SD
Faded sign, Madison SD Sign, late day, Madison SD
Detail, relief over door, Moody County Court House, Madison SD Column and Symbol, Masonic Lodge, Madison SD
Windmills on Display. Windmills
Windmills. Downed power, DM&E line near Volga SD.
Showcase Barns. The last object left of a service island, Sinai SD
Smokestack, Soybean Processing plant, Volga SD Sunset over Brookings SD
Tree and Sunset afterglow, Brookings SD    
City park, Bushnell SD City park, Bushnell SD
Trees at sunset, Bruce SD    

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