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The Catalog is sorted by when the slides were digitally scanned. 

Here is a list of what you will find (more or less) on each catalog page:
04Nov00 Palisades in Fall, old schoolhouse, SD in Fall
Armorgeddon: Great Sword tourney, falcon, A&S, fencing
    30Sept00B great sword, archery, field battles

    30Sept00C bridge battle
    30Sept00D fort battle, after the battles, night in the encampment
24Sept00 Armorgeddon (court, woods battle)
Armorgeddon (morning court, woods battle prep, evening court)
    24Sept00C Armorgeddon (evening court, Calontir court, woods battle, field battle prep) 

23Sept00 Prairie Village tractor show, steam combining.
22Sept00 Shots of Palisades park (SD), vintage tractor plowing competition.
21Sept00 B&W shots from Armorgeddon, torchlight combat, dusk and dawn shots of encampment.
20Aug00 Flowers, Bruce (SD) Honey Days parade and car show.
19Aug00 Bruce (SD) Honey Days parade and car show.
18Aug00 Flowers, Utah ghost town shots.
17Aug00 Climbers at Palisades (SD), DM&E yard at Huron SD.
20Jul00 Provo UT July 4 balloon launch.
19Jul00 Hang gliders above Provo UT, old iron mill at Goshen UT.
16Jul00 UROC, climbers at Ophir UT, balloon launch at Provo UT
13Jul00 UROC, climbers at Ophir UT.
6Jul00 Climbers at Ophir UT, balloon launch at Provo UT.
5Jul00 Hang gliders above Provo UT, shots around eastern SD.
22Jun00 Hang gliders above Provo UT.
21Jun00 Shots around eastern SD, Hang gliders above Provo UT.
25May00 Lusty Day, climbers at Palisades.
22May00 Lusty Day in May combat, court.
21May00 Scenics/nature, climbers at Palisades.
17May00 Tractors, colts, scenics.
12May00 Colts, flowers, scenics.
11May00 Nebraskins climbing at Palisades, flowers, scenics.
08May00 Scenics, Palisades.
02May00 Baltic SD, flying model aircraft, climbing at Palisades.
29Apr00 Scenics around SD, model aircraft.
19Apr00 Climbing at Palisades.
14Apr00 Scenics around SD.
13Apr00 Scenics around SD.
12Apr00 Scenics around SD.
10Apr00 Scenics around SD.
21Mar00 Scenics around SD.
18Mar00 Scenics around SD.
17Mar00 Scenics around SD, Henderson MN, wind turbines near Lake Benton MN. 
07Mar00 Scenics around SD, Pipestone MN, Madison SD
06Mar00 Scenics around SD, transportation theme.
07Jan00 Scenics in WY and UT
06Jan00 Quarry in Dell Rapids, Christmas lights in Kansas City.

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