22May00      Wilson's Photography 

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Photos taken at the Lusty Day in May activity, sponsored by the Shire of Western Keep, in the Principality of Northshield of the Middle Kingdom, the Brookings SCA organization. If you know the names of anyone unidentified, please let me know. See the Exhibit for the best-of photos. See also 25May00.
Lord and Lady Heir of Northshield, Sir Tristan von Eisig and Lady Eilika von Lutzen
Awaiting combat. In purple and white is Baron Wulfgang von den Lowen, KSCA, CB.

Awaiting a chance to fight are Master Tarik , Hagan, Josph, and Ulrick
Protecting the Princess from wayward combatants. Or vice versa.
His Excellency, Viscount Syr Master Tarrach Alfsson, KSCA, OL, fighting Arbon.
Lady Eilika von Lutzen, witnessing a particularly effective strike. The feisty Arbon Arslan
continues to fight having lost her legs to a clever blow from Hagan.
Hagan and Arbon continue... ...until Arbon is struck down with a killing blow.
In the red cloak is Josph.  
Ulrick (on the left) and Sir Tarrach (right).
Sir Tarrach is next challenged by Sven.  
Having been hit in the right arm, Sir Tarrach continues the fight with the left. Her Highness,  Princess Kelinda Garrett, thanking chirgeons Lady Sian verch Gruffydd and Alexander for so ably taking care of everybody. 
Hagan. Owen Alun, minstrel.
The Royal Court.  
Hagan and Josph pause before the Princess. Sir Tarrach fighting with shield and spear.
This sort of fighting is known as Bear Pit, where the winning fighter holds the field until he or she is defeated.  
Sven, awaiting combat.
The Princess and ladies sit before the pavilion during a break in the fighting.    

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