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[Note that there are two more pages of photographs taken at the event documented below.]

These are photographs taken at an SCA event, Armorgeddon, 14-17 Sept 2000, at Union County State Park south of Sioux Falls SD. These are the shots taken on negatives (the slides I shot will be here next week probably), and frankly I'm not too proud of them. Knowing that I'd need to do some low-light shots, I went by a Popular Photography review of Kodak Max Zoom 800 film (the new formulation) and shot a lot of rolls of this film. I shouldn't have. Only some of the shots turned out, most have blocked-up blacks and there is no separation in the whites. I had a couple rolls of Fuji NHGII (ISO 800), and it turned out very nice. The poor quality of the negatives was compounded by the late hour of the evening court, and I was really pushing what this film could do. I should have used a flash. Really, I should have. Anyway, I'm sure they will print better than they scanned (I never got a decent color curve for this film, so all scans needed a bunch of work in Paint Shop Pro to get them up to the lousy quality you see here). I've left the crappy shots in because I wanted the shots for you. If I didn't know or admire any of you I'd have thrown them all away the night I developed them.

Note that since this is the Catalog (a list of photos I have), I've made little effort to organize everything chronologically. I'll do that when I make up the Exhibit.

I'll need your help identifying everyone, and adding some commentary to the more interesting shots. email b.e.wilson@usa.net please with what you'd like to add to this page and the exhibit.

  All those who helped during the uncommonly fierce rain at WW are given an award
Night at the Calontir pavilion.    
The marshal's tour of the woods battlefield.

Vladimir Zinonovich (mka David Henderson), who is from Vatavia.

  The King devises a plan so cunning, it couldn't possible fail twice!
Lord Ian MacTawisch (Squire to Sir Thomas de Bohun)  
Fernando, King of Calontir The Royalty chat following morning Court.
Lady Asa Lufa.  
In the background - Graf Volkmar Katzbalger giving water to someone that looks like Sir Roger. In the foreground, Lady Corasander nic Murtrie (with her helm off), Lord Aubrey d'Aubusson and (maybe) HE Logan.

In the Hall, following opening ceremonies, preparing for the Woods battle.

Lady Asa Lufa.
  Lady Asa Lufa.
  Hugh Prescott (holding the spear), awaiting the woods battle.
Tristan Prinz von Eisig, The Prince of Northshield opens morning court.  
  His Excellency Sir Saeric Scireham, Lord Heir to the Throne of the

Eilika Prinzessin von Lutzen

Tristan Prinz von Eisig


Their Majesties got Cian pretty good.  He was called up during the opening ceremonies, and His Majesty talked about there being unfinished business from Pennsic.  He then described Cian's feats of derring-do on the Pennsic field in great detail, finishing with "We have a special award for this."    

Cian fell in hook, line, and sinker.  He was sure he was about to get a Sword of Calontir.  He didn't notice Sir Riik, his knight, creeping stealthily up the center aisle...  

Then His Majesty said, "But that's not why you're here," and Sir Riik chimed in begging the boon.  Cian was completely blown away.  It was fun watching that one from behind the thrones.


Many thanks to Hrothgar, Elasait, Lady Saerlaith de Bohun, and Aoibheann for information about the pictures.

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