The demo login is provided for interested parties to see some of the privacy features built into this website. Below you can login in as a "demo" user (username = "demo", password = "demo"). There is one public directory that 'belongs' to demo, and one private directory. When you log in as demo, you'll see two directories highlighted in blue. The public one (2001/Jun02) was visible in the catalog view before you logged in, the other (2001/Jun11) you haven't seen. It is set as private.

After you have logged-in you can also add the description for the photos that you "own". This is handy if you want to share photographs with family, and is useful when searching later for a particular photograph.

Also, any comments you make in the private directory will be seen only by other users who have logged in as "demo", and searching will only return public and 'demo' photos.