Photo #370-2, from the 2002/Jun19 directory.

 description = Switchbacks, North side of Navajo Loop

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     Bryce Canyon National Park
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Lauren Anderson of Ogden, UT thought on 5/22/2003 that this photo was 'interesting' and added the following:
"It's a fascinating picture; great representation of the scale and steepness of the trail, makes me want to go there. The picture seems a little underexposed and saturated with reds and oranges. It would be nice to see it lightened a little in PhotoShop."

bk yap of singapore thought on 5/31/2005 that this photo was displayed properly and added the following:
"Very good photo."

Maxim of Ohio thought on 10/30/2005 that this photo was good and added the following:
"I don't agree with Lauren. This underexposure with the rich reds gives the perfect impression of the sunset time, compatible also with the long low shadows. Looks like the end of a long hiking day. Very good indeed. I wouldn't change anything."


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