Photo #img_4141, from the 2003/Mar31 directory.

 fstop = f/5.6, multi-segment
 shutter = 1/25 s, Landscape
 body = Canon PowerShot S30
 lens = 14.7mm (35mm equivalent: 73mm) at (auto selected)
 film = auto, flash: 16
 date = 1/19/2003 12:48:33 PM

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     San Rafael Swell
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Jim Winchester of Maple Plain, MN USA thought on 2/26/2005 that this photo was superb and added the following:
"Nice image - a little bleached looking however -- lighting conditions?"

Bruce Wilson of Provo, Utah thought on 2/26/2005 that this photo was displayed properly and added the following:
"Shadow. This is a north-facing panel in Buckhorn Wash, and rarely sees sunlight. Exposure and contrast were set by my digital camera. I have shot this with a 4x5 on Velvia at" [edit]


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