Photo #img_4349, from the 2003/Mar31 directory.

 fstop = f/4.5, multi-segment
 shutter = 1/1000 s, 12
 body = Canon PowerShot S30
 lens = 14.7mm (35mm equivalent: 73mm) at (auto selected)
 film = auto, flash: 24
 date = 3/29/2003 9:10:18 AM
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Jake Richens of Salt Lake thought on 6/23/2005 that this photo was superb and added the following:
"have you hiked to the top of this pinnacle???? in steve allen's book, "Canyoneering the san rafael" he describes the approach, which there are two 4th class sections. if you would like some more pitures of this pinnacle, e-mail me @"

Maxim of Ohio thought on 10/30/2005 that this photo was okay and added the following:
"I would step to the right and turn a bit to the left - so the bush will move to the left of the picture and the larger peak a bit to the right. I don't like them being almost aligned along a vertical line, I would prefer them to form a diagonal. Personal taste. :)"


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