Photo #img_8698, from the 2004/May23 directory.

 description = Beavertail
 people = Opuntia basilaris
 fstop = f/8.0, multi-segment
 shutter = 3355443/1073741824 s, 30573
 body = Canon PowerShot S50
 lens = 17.5mm (35mm equivalent: 227mm) at (12336)
 film = 64256, flash: 16
 place = The Summerville cliffs between Middle Wild Horse Mesa and Big Wild Horse Mesa
 date = 5/21/2004 2:03:55 PM

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     San Rafael Swell
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Dorde Woodruff of SLC thought on 5/30/2004 that this photo was displayed properly and added the following:
"this is not Opuntia polyacantha but rather O. basilaris, beavertail. Note that it doesn't have regular spines, just glochids, the fine barbed minature spines. The pads are bluer than O. polyacantha, and a different shape. The plant is more compact. Gorgeous photos! "


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