Photo #238-4, from the 2001/Nov06 directory.

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Theo Jacobs of The Netherlands (highest hill: 340 meter) thought on 3/14/2002 that this photo was superb and added the following:
"Hello Bruce, Following a link from the PhotoSig site I came on your site and enjoyed it very much. This, however, is a real masterpiece! One of the best photo's I've seen in months, especially the 'big' version. One small point though: the big version is lacking a bit in sharpness, I found that sharpening it makes it even more impressive, uncovering much more detail. Do you mind if I use it as my desktop? (Well, as a matter of fact I've already tried it and it looks great on my Iiyama 21 inch)"

Bruce Wilson of Provo, Utah thought on 3/14/2002 that this photo was displayed properly and added the following:
"Thanks, Theo. It's okay to use as your own desktop. I guess those trees really are out of focus, and I took another look at the big version, looks like th ebarn is in sharp focus, but the Teton mountains in the background were out of focus a bit." [edit]

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