Photo #img_5121, from the 2003/May30 directory.

 description =
 people = Sclerocactus parviflorus
 fstop = f/5.6, multi-segment
 shutter = 1/640 s, Landscape
 body = Canon PowerShot S30
 lens = 21.3mm (35mm equivalent: 106mm) at (MF)
 film = auto, flash: 16
 place = Mexican Mountain Road
 date = 5/27/2003 4:08:06 PM
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Dorde Woodruff of SLC thought on 5/30/2004 that this photo was good and added the following:
"This also appears to be S. parviflorus, but quite a young one. But the petals are narrow than in #8164. It is not S. whipplei, which has yellow flowers and grows in the Navajo reservation area in northern Arizona. The name S. whipplei got widely entrenched in the literature because S. parviflorus wasn't discovered and named until the '30s. "

Donald 187 thought on 5/30/2006 that this photo was displayed properly and added the following:
"Personally I think it is Sclerocactus cloveriae which until recently was a part of parviflorus and whipplei. Its description can be found in journals written by Heil. Not completely opening flowers similar to whipplei but magenta. Spine very similar to parviflorus but more corky. I think its Sclerocactus cloveriae." [edit]


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