Most photographs on this website are for public viewing.  You need not log in to see these photographs.

Occasionally someone I shoot (especially family) will not want photographs publicly viewed. To view private photographs, you must login on the Catalog page. This will allow you to view only your own private photos. You will still not see the private photos of other users. In addition, if you add comments to your private photos, only those logged-in using your username will see those comments.

You must login using the username and password that I gave you. If you have forgotten it, please contact me via email. Once I have given you a username and password, protecting it is your duty. If you share your username with friends and family, be aware that they will always be able to see your photos. If at some future time you wish them not to see your photos, please let me know and I'll give you a new password.

When I shoot a private group event, I'll distribute my website address, username, and password via your group's discussion group or email list so everyone can log in. This means the password isn't completely secret, and it's not difficult for strangers to see the photographs. If you have photographs that you do not want posted under any circumstances, please let me know immediately and I'll remove those photos from the web server altogether. If you are at an event and don't want your photos on display to anyone, let me know at the event and I'll make sure you aren't seen on this website (you probably won't even be in any more pictures I take).

If I have taken pictures of you that you do not with to be publicly displayed, please let me know and I will make them private and give you a username and password. 

Unless you have signed a model release, no photograph containing a figure identifiably of you will be sold to a third party.

If I have taken a picture of you that you like, you may use it as a desktop background or you may print it. But I have the original photo and much better digital copies (the original 21 MB digital film scans), so contact me if you need a better version.