This website runs primarily out of a database. The main pages (Catalog, Photo Viewer, Exhibits, and Comments) are all generated using Active Server Pages, Microsoft's cgi application. Of the 24 pages here, only ten of them are regular html pages in the Technical subdirectory. I used Visual Basic Script (VBS) to program the pages.

Database Size 3132 KB
Public Directories 103 
Private Directories 15 
Photos 6194 

Number of .jpg Files Indexed*

Keywords 3051 
Total Image File Size 3756 MB
Photos in Exhibits 149 
Comments 184 
Photos Commented Upon 141 
Users Registered 11 

Photos Viewed

Total Visitors 4451726 
Total clicks 14527573 

*Note that the number of .jpg files indexed includes the "b", "m", "s" and "t" versions of a photograph, so it is about 3 times larger than the number of photos in the database.

Here is a diagram of the database:

The Dirs table contains the list of all photo directories, and what is in them.  The Photo table, the main table in the database, keeps all info about each particular photograph. Most fields in this table are not currently used, but can be if I want to fill them (or when I get a camera that records it automatically). The files table is used to keep file information about each .jpg file, particularly the size. The ratings table stored user comments, and the clients table is used to keep track of privacy, so only those who log in will see their own photos. 

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