2008/10-02  Shots with my new Canon G9, fall foliage over the Nebo Scenic Loop, central Utah  (91 Photos)  
2005/July20  A few shots at Panorama Point (Glen Canyon), and at the rock crawling area, south end of Lake Mountain.  (46 Photos)  
2004/Nov08  Large Format: Skyline Drive, San Rafael Swell  (34 Photos)  
2004/Jun06  San Rafael Swell and Joe's Valley (digital)  (72 Photos)  
2004/May23  San Rafael Swell: Moore road, and south of I-70 (digital)  (240 Photos)  
2004/May11  San Rafael Swell (digital)  (153 Photos)  
2004/Mar28  San Rafael digital shots, including Behind the Reef road and Reds Canyon.  (70 Photos)  
2004/Mar15  Strawberry Ridge in the Fall, San Rafael Swell, UVSC campus (LF)  (8 Photos)  
2003/Oct25  Fall colors on Strawberry Peak, West Reef of San Rafael Swell  (108 Photos)  
2003/Sep25  Fall in the Wasatch Mountains: Mt. Nebo front, Wardsworth Trail, Strawberry Peak, Skyline Drive.  (139 Photos)  
2003/Jul02  Cleaning out the LF film box: fall on Mt. Nebo, winter in Bryce Canyon, San Rafael Swell in winter and spring, Strawberry Peak in summer.  (39 Photos)  
2003/May30  Digital shots in the San Rafael Swell and vicinity.  (147 Photos)  
2003/Apr26  LF shots from Mt. Nebo (Fall), Bryce (Winter), and the San Rafael Swell (Winter & Spring).  (54 Photos)  
2003/Mar31  The San Rafael River valley, Mexican Mountain, San Rafael Swell. Digital.  (59 Photos)  
2002/Nov09  Fall Scenics around Mt. Nebo Loop Road, and Alpine Scenic Loop Road. (LF)  (58 Photos)  
2002/Nov03  Long Canyon, Circle Cliffs, Capitol Reef, along the Burr Trail (LF)  (25 Photos)  
2002/Nov02  Fall Foliage around Mt. Nebo and Boulder Mountain, Utah (LF)  (31 Photos)  
2002/Oct06  Fall on the Burr Trail, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Digital.  (58 Photos)  
2002/Sep29  Fall on Mount Nebo. Digital.  (40 Photos)  
2002/Sep23  Tintic mining area. Digital.  (17 Photos)  
2002/Sep04  Mona Reservoir: On Assignment, the pulling of a single truck out of the mud flats of the drying reservoir, in which seven trucks and about 25 people participate.  (25 Photos)  
2002/Aug19  LF shots around Nephi, Mona, Mona Reservoir dry-out.  (34 Photos)  
2002/Jul08  Medium format film scans (B&W and E6) from over the years.  (120 Photos)  
2002/Jun19  Waterpocket Fold, Burr Trail, Bryce Canyon, Alpine Loop Scenic Road  (34 Photos)  
2002/Jun14  Digital Travelog: Grand Staircase-Escalante Monument, Utah Highway 12, Bryce Canyon  (134 Photos)  
2002/Jun06  Climbers at Fisher Towers, LF & 35mm shots around Bryce Canyon NP. Around Utah S-12, Devil's Garden, Long Canyon, Boulder Mountain, Spanish Fork.  (163 Photos)  
2002/May29  Digital shots at Bryce Canyon NP, Devils Garden (Grand Staircase-Escalante Monument), and Long Canyon (Burr Trail)  (136 Photos)  
2002/May20  LF: Bryce N.P., Capitol Reef N.P., Fisher Towers, Mona Reservoir  (37 Photos)  
2002/May11  Digital shots: Cisco Utah, Goblin Valley State Park, San Rafael Swell, Bryce Canyon National Park, Capitol Reef National Park, Fisher Towers  (111 Photos)  
2002/May06  LF: Mt. Nebo in its various moods, and Fisher Towers, Arches, Little Wild Horse Canyon slots canyon shots  (50 Photos)  
2002/Apr01  Large-format shots from Fisher Towers and a few of Mt. Nebo (some shots underexposed, so they scanned oddly).  (41 Photos)  
2002/Mar23  Large-format shots from winter, mostly central Utah.  (17 Photos)  
2002/Feb09  Digital camera shots around Spanish Fork Utah, including some trains.  (19 Photos)  
2001/Nov06  Large format photography: Teton N.P., Yellowstone N.P., Fall scenics, and some 35mm (page 6 & 7).  (69 Photos)  
2001/Nov01  Fisher Towers, Utah  (97 Photos)  
2001/Oct31  Arches N.P., Fall colors in the Wasatch range.  (83 Photos)  
2001/Oct14  Large-format photographs, Arches N.P. and Fisher Towers, misc. Fall colors (and my last experiment in hyper-reality colors).  (43 Photos)  
2001/Oct03  Large-format scans taken over the last year, many fall 2001 pictures.  (44 Photos)  
2001/Sep24  More Fall colors, mostly shot over the Mt. Nebo Scenic Loop.  (43 Photos)  
2001/Sep20  Fall colors, shot over the Alpine and Mt. Nebo Scenic loops.  (75 Photos)  
2001/Sep12  Shots in Nepi, Utah, and over the Mount Nebo Scenic Loop, early Fall. Fireman training ay UVSC.  (96 Photos)  
2001/Sep10  Shots around the Alpine Loop Scenic Drive, and the Mount Nebo Scenic Drive, in very early Fall.  (61 Photos)  
2001/Sep09  Shots in and around the Union Pacific railyard in South Provo.  (50 Photos)  
2001/Sep08  Climbers in Rock Canyon at sunset.  (25 Photos)  
2001/Aug28  B&W shots around the UVSC Science Building, some shots in the mountains.  (25 Photos)  
2001/Jul14  Climbers in Rock Canyon  (48 Photos)  
2001/Jun27  Shots of Cascade Mountain, Utah Valley, parasailing, June UROC launch.  (79 Photos)  
2001/Jun12  Shots around Eureka, Utah, Fathers-Sons campout.  (56 Photos) old
2001/Jun02  Spring farm shots (SD), HVRR, Alpine Loop.  (61 Photos) old
2001/May08  Kite-flying, Scenes of Spring  (32 Photos) old
2001/May04  Scenes of the flood in South Dakota, Spring 2001.  (30 Photos) old
2001/May02  Winter shots at Palisades, around SD  (35 Photos) old
2001/Mar21  Installing liquid nitrogen tank at SDSU, sunset shots in winter, cemetery.  (26 Photos) old
2001/Jan05  Winter scenes: old farm, cemetery, trees  (45 Photos) old
2001/Jan04  Winter scenes at OLSP, trebuchet  (35 Photos) old
2001/Jan03  Palisades rocks and waves, winter scenes, trebuchet launching, half-cone silo.  (36 Photos) old
04Nov00  Palisades in Fall, old schoolhouse, SD in Fall  (22 Photos) old
30Sep00  Armorgeddon: Great Sword tourney, falcon, A&S, fencing, great sword, archery, field battles, bridge battle, fort battle, after the battles, night in the encampment.  (119 Photos) old
25Sep00  Prairie Village tractor show, Armorgeddon contruction, SD scenics.  (58 Photos) old
24Sep00  Armorgeddon: court, woods battle, morning court, woods battle prep, evening court, Calontir court, woods battle, field battle prep.  (97 Photos) old
23Sep00  Prairie Village tractor show, steam combining.  (35 Photos) old
22Sep00  Shots of Palisades park (SD), vintage tractor plowing competition.  (80 Photos) old
21Sep00  B&W shots from Armorgeddon, torchlight combat, dusk and dawn shots of encampment.  (25 Photos) old
20Aug00  Flowers, Bruce (SD) Honey Days parade and car show.  (21 Photos) old
19Aug00  Bruce (SD) Honey Days parade and car show.  (35 Photos) old
18Aug00  Flowers, Utah ghost town shots.  (26 Photos) old
17Aug00  Climbers at Palisades (SD), DM&E yard at Huron SD.  (25 Photos) old
20Jul00  Provo UT July 4 balloon launch.  (39 Photos) old
19Jul00  Hang gliders above Provo UT, old iron mill at Goshen UT.  (36 Photos) old
16Jul00  UROC, climbers at Ophir UT, balloon launch at Provo UT  (54 Photos) old
13Jul00  UROC, climbers at Ophir UT.  (40 Photos) old
05Jul00  Climbers at Ophir UT, balloon launch at Provo UT, Hang gliders above Provo UT, shots around eastern SD.  (72 Photos) old
22Jun00  Hang gliders above Provo UT.  (41 Photos) old
21Jun00  Shots around eastern SD, Hang gliders above Provo UT.  (37 Photos) old
25May00  Lusty Day, climbers at Palisades.  (34 Photos) old
22May00  Lusty Day in May combat, court.  (49 Photos) old
21May00  Scenics/nature, climbers at Palisades, flowers.  (57 Photos) old
17May00  Tractors, colts, scenics, all shot on EBX  (28 Photos) old
12May00  Colts, flowers, scenics.  (21 Photos) old
11May00  Nebraskins climbing at Palisades, flowers, scenics.  (40 Photos) old
08May00  Scenics, Palisades.  (20 Photos) old
02May00  Baltic SD, flying model aircraft, climbing at Palisades.  (41 Photos) old
29Apr00  Scenics around SD, model aircraft.  (22 Photos) old
19Apr00  Climbing at Palisades.  (26 Photos) old
14Apr00  Scenics around SD.  (13 Photos) old
13Apr00  Scenics around Egan, SD, tractors, school, Estelline SD quarry.  (23 Photos) old
12Apr00  Scenics around Egan, SD.  (19 Photos) old
10Apr00  Scenics around SD, junkyard, clouds, Egan.  (18 Photos) old
21Mar00  Scenics around SD, train, Lake Benton cemetery, Brookings park.  (23 Photos) old
18Mar00  Scenics around SD, geese in sunset, tombstone art, Brookings courthouse.  (24 Photos) old
17Mar00  Scenics around SD, Henderson MN, wind turbines near Lake Benton MN.  (48 Photos) old
07Mar00  Scenics around SD, Pipestone MN, Madison SD  (34 Photos) old
06Mar00  Scenics around SD, transportation theme.  (37 Photos) old
07Jan00  Scenics in WY and UT  (18 Photos) old
06Jan00  Quarry in Dell Rapids, Christmas lights in Kansas City.  (22 Photos) old
04Dec99  Scenics around SD.  (28 Photos)  
16Nov99  Scenics around SD, sunset at lake Poinsette, SD  (19 Photos)  
08Nov99  Scenics around SD, MN.  (21 Photos)  
27Oct99  Scenics around SD, fall leaves.  (30 Photos)  
12Oct99  Fall leaves, SDSU bell tower.  (38 Photos)  
08Oct99  Fall foliage.  (34 Photos)  
02Oct99  Farm scenics, fall foliage.  (33 Photos)  
21Sept99  Scenics around SD.  (53 Photos)  

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