13Jul00      Wilson's Photography 

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The small, traveling model of the Vietnam Wall in Elkton, SD  
The mouth of Echo Canyon, Utah Bridal Veil Falls, Provo Canyon, Utah
  Work on the face of Deer Creek Dam. A rare sight.
Mine tailings in Sunshine Canyon, Utah. These were left by the Sunshine mine near 1900.  
  Miners graves.
An old ore chute for getting ore into trucks at the roadbed.
  Brian, and others, climbing on a nice set of routes just below Ophir, Utah
A unique effect. If you look closely, you can see the shadow of the contrail. This happens only when the contrail, the sun, and you are in the proper alignment. Shots from the UROC (Utah model rocketry society?) annual launch, early in June in the desert west of Provo.
A drag race, pairing two rockets to see who's will go highest. The black one won.  
The oddest rocket of the day. It's one of those tubes you swing over your head that makes harmonic whistling. This one didn't whistle.
Prep facilities before the dust-devil. The dust devil.
See the guy hanging on to the awning. He's about to go airborne (the only person to get off the ground that day) Here he is landing.

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