Bruce Wilson self portrait, in front of Mexican Mountain

Jackass Benches  
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Sclerocactus parviflorus
Mexican Mountain Road  
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 Tropic Utah
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A relatively small peak in the Teton range, with clouds.

Teton N.P., Jenny Lake loop  WY
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Teton Range and Mormon Row barn, early morning.

Antelope Flats, Teton N.P. Jackson WY
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Upper Mesa Falls

Mesa Falls  Idaho
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Swazy's Cabin

Head of Sinbad  
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The sentinel

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Mexican Mountain

Jackass Benches  
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Peteeneet Academy Payson Utah
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One of Fishers Towers, sunset, with Juniper

Fishers Tower BLM site  Off Utah S-128 Utah
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Mt. Timpanogus, morning light

 Provo UT
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Closeup, maple leaf in spruce

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The lower cascade, Cascade Springs

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Eaton's penstemon
Penstemon eatonii
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A nice vista seen towards the top of the Mt. Nebo scenic loop. Those specks in the sky are not dust, they are eagles.

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Flooded old homestead on the Big Sioux River

 Egan SD
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Sunrise on Mormon Row

Antelope Flats, Teton N.P. Jackson WY
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Dinosaur foot print in Buckhorn Wash

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Pallid milkweed
Ascepias cryptoceras
Mexican Mountain Road  
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Eaton's Penstemon
Penstemon eatonii
Mexican Mountain  
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Sunset on one of the barns on Mormon Row, with moon.

Antelope Flats, Teton N.P.  WY
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Cupboard, late afternoon.

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Switchbacks, North side of Navajo Loop

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Morning view of the San rafael River valley

East side of the Wedge  
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My Honda Rincon ATV

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Delicate Arch, sunset

Arches National Park Moab Utah
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One of the many IIP (Intermountain Power Project) coal trains and UP (Union Pacific) freight's running through central Utah daily.

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Old station (next to the Utah Livestock Auction)

 Near Spanish Fork UT
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Some of the picnic sites at the Cedar Mountain Recreation Area

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Double Arch.

Arches National Park Moab Utah
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Mt. Moran and the Teton range, reflected in (14% capacity) Lake Jackson.

Teton N.P.  WY
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White Horse Canyon, below the road

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Viewed 5009 times.
One of Fisher Towers, morning haze

Fisher Towers BLM area  
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Opuntia basilaris
The Summerville cliffs between Middle Wild Horse Mesa and Big Wild Horse Mesa  
Viewed 4951 times.

Fisher Towers BLM area  
Viewed 4927 times.
Two of the many wild donkeys living near I-70

Viewed 4881 times.
Fisher Towers, sunset

Viewed 4869 times.
Stemless hymenoxys
Hymenoxys acaulis
Cedar Mountain  
Viewed 4670 times.


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