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More shots of Armorgeddon. These are the slide shots, and they came out much better than the negatives did. See the 24Sep00 page for the negatives and some explanation of what's going on.

Again, I seek your help in identifying who everyone is.

Look for an Exhibit in about a week, a sort-of "best of" from Armorgeddon.

 Here are Sir Vaclav Semjaka (left in purple and gold) and his squire,
Lord Faolan MacThighearnan,  both of Lonely Tower.
Bear-pit fighting in the privately sponsored Great Sword Tournament.
Sir Semjaka and Baron Wulfgang von den Lowen of Castle Rouge. Baron Aleksandr Yaroslavovich Vyetchikov (in purple tunic) and Lord Mathieu Chartrain (right), both Lonely Tower fighters.
Jarl Sir Thjothrekr standing, Viscount Sir Ternon kneeling.
Lady Asa Lufa from Mag Mor, and Jarl Thjothrekr Eirikrsson (Just-past King of Calontir).
  Hrothgar (left), and Lord Mathieu
Sir Semjaka, and Faolan, with Hrothgar the Smith, of the Barony of Forgotten Sea looking on. The Prize: a beautifully-crafted Sword.
Behind the sword to the right (white, black and yellow) is Lord Michael Nymandus, of Lonely Tower.
  Asa vs. (if I am not mistaken) the Baron of Mag Mor, Brannac MacConn.
HE Brannac MacConn and 
HL Yesungge
See that fighter on the ground? He defeated Jarl Thjothrekr, who had this significant advantage.
In purple and gold with the coronet is Iamys Makillewray,
Baron of Lonely Tower, beside Lord Ansgar Christensen.
Lord Friederich Von Blumenkamp,
of Lonely Tower, and Vogel, his Red-Tail Hawk.
The Coppergate helmet that won the Arts & Science competition, crafted by Jurgen of Northshield.  
  Count Thjothrekr Eirikrsson in white, and 
Brannac MacConn
Lord Kristoff Fuger von Augsburg (the Northshield and Middle Kingdom rapier champion, in black) teaches...  ...Lord Fiskr Hamondsen (in blue) a few things. 

Many thanks to Lord Fiskr Hamondsen, Iamys Makillewray, Hrothgar, Gareth the Black, Freidrich, Eliane, Mikail Azadan Askoldovich, Margaret FitzWilliam, Hugh, Astrid, Jennifer, Rolf Eichmann for assisting with the identification of so many.

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