25Sep00      Wilson's Photography 

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More shots of the Madison SD Prairie Village tractor-fest: The tractor pulls.  
  BN-SF locomotives loading grain south of Pipestone MN.
  The GPS confirms I have found the confluence of 
44 N 97 W.
These shots are part of Project Confluence.

(Self portrait at the very spot.)

It is an effort of take pictures of the entire land surface of the planet...

(Looking west toward the confluence.)

...by going to every place where longitude and latitude lines cross.

(Looking north from the confluence.)

This is my entry for 44 N 97 W.

(Looking west from the confluence.)

Looking North. Looking East.
The confluence at 43 N 97 W is about 200 yards into this field. I'll come back after the harvest.    
Shots of the SCA group Border Downs setting up for Armorgeddon (see 24Sep00).  
More shots from the Prairie Village tractor show.  
  The newlyweds.
  Tractor-powered planar.

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